Get to Know Clear Retreats

Clear Retreats is the brainchild of Karen Christakos, born of her passion for travel and her desire to create space for you to clear your head and reconnect with your true self.

Karen teams up with trusted and talented coaches, practitioners, and trainers to help you get more out of each retreat than just relaxation. Sometimes there’s work involved in breaking through the clouds to the clear blue on the other side, but Karen and her partners help you to do just that, with gentleness and playfulness. Get ready to laugh, cry, and form incredible new bonds with other participants. But best of all? Get ready to find even more reason to love being you.

Started in 2015, Clear Retreats is running an inaugural retreat in Bali in January 2016. Plans are in the works for future retreats in Costa Rica, France, Whistler, and Cuba, among other locations. Each retreat offers a unique theme and intention, but they all share the common goal of having you bring a stronger sense of self and clarity home with you.

Karen Christakos

Founder and Chief Retreater

From work boots on construction sites to partying in hot heels with fashion design peers, Karen has worn many proverbial hats. She spent years in the Vancouver fashion scene with her own line, Guapa Designs, spent half a decade traveling Canada as a creative tour director, and now calls the Rocky Mountains home. Mom of two active boys, entrepreneur, and event coordinator, Karen knows how to keep a lot of balls in the air, while also keeping her feet on the ground and her mind clear and heart clear. Her passion, enthusiasm, and energy is contagious.

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